Make your investment in food.
Opened a concept store in the food in Italy or abroad: a cafe & snacks, a lounge-style bar or an Italian ice cream, with Eataliastyle!

Eataliastyle is an independent consultancy specializing in the creation of local versatile, modern and efficient, which aims to convey the Italian character through the furniture and the sale of food products known and renowned throughout the world: coffee espresso, ice cream “easy” conventional or organic, pasta, flat bread.
The customer is supported and advised during the implementation of local research of the most suitable location, the choice of furniture, from machinery to tools, from the staff to the type of products to be sold. We provide the know-how for the start-up of your business by doing a study together with you on the economic sustainability of the project.

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The team Eataliastyle is young, dynamic, reliable. He realizes concept store of food (ice cream parlors, coffee shops & snacks, lounge bar) from design to start-up, looking for innovative solutions, affordable and elegant... without losing sight of the needs and demands of the customer.

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Eataliastyle's objective is to introduce in the world of food the typical Italian products, through pubs, cafes & snacks, lounge bar in Italian style, design and comfortable with welcoming staff.

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Consumers increasingly prefer organic and natural products. The products distributed by Eataliastyle are handmade with fresh ingredients and semi‐finished products, from organic agriculture and not.

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